Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Well, it was a busy 4th of July. We were supposed to have a big family reunion at our house, but we only had 2 of the kids home. Floyd's son, Sam, came in from Spokane, WA & Melissa came in from Longview, TX with her youngest son, Koal. I already had her oldest, Chance, as he'd been with me for a month. Keeping up with an 11 year old can sure get tiring!
Here's the only picture I got that day. Floyd &  Sam sharing pictures on their phones.
While Chance was with me, we tackled the pile of tree debris from the 3 trees that came down 2 years ago. We've been under a burn ban for so long that I couldn't burn them off. Finally, with all the rain we had this Spring, they lifted the burn ban & Chance & I got busy cleaning up the back yard.
The trees covered from the tree here on the right to almost the grey building (Floyd's shop). And from the trees to the fence. The white area that you see is actually burn area #2, with #3 behind it. #1 was to the right of the trees so I could burn out a small stump. I got it out too!
After nearly 6 weeks of burning, this is what's left. The 3 huge ones won't be burned, we're leaving them for seating around the campfire, but this will be our permanent burn area.
Now that it's all cleaned up, I can plant some grass in the bare areas & mow it when it gets going.

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