Monday, July 27, 2015

Well, as well as getting the trees burned, I did manage to get some quilting done.  Here's the quilt I did for Dianna.
Finally got my thread rack for Queenie built too. Floyd helped me with it.
This prompted me to do some re-arranging. Still have some to do, but I like how it's coming out!
Here's the sewing area, now complete with block design boards.
Cutting, ironing station & fabric stash. The new design wall goes all the way across the end of the building, 14 feet!
Longarm area. Much more organized.
Library, scrap bins & quilts in waiting to be quilted. Of course, there's my quilt Christmas tree. It stays up all year with all the ornaments handmade from quilters.

I just got the quilt off Queenie, so I'll show it to you soon!

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