Monday, June 29, 2015

Well, busy little beaver here! With the rain finally stopping, the burn ban has been lifted, so have been tackling the wood pile & getting it burned. I've had the help of my Grandson on the yard work.

While browsing the flea market, I came across what I think was a microwave cart. It's all wood & on rollers. I brought it home & hubby cut me a piece of wood for the top & I proceeded to upholster it into an ironing table.
Then an idea hit me. It has a 2 1/2" lip on 3 sides of it. So, I stuck a couple of LED lights on the surface & put a piece of plexiglass on top. A light table!
Not bad for spending $25, huh?
I also finally was able to get the insulated foam boards & got them covered in flannel. I now have a 14' design wall!
Of course, this has prompted me to do some spring cleaning of the studio & re-arranging. I'll be back to quilting shortly!

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