Saturday, April 5, 2014

Well, the house is empty now. Chance is with his mom & Dusti went back to Idaho with her mom & Aunt Denise when they came down to pick up the last of Janel's stuff out of storage. They got into home this morning safely. Now it's my time to spend as much time as I want in my studio doing all things quilt related.

I was over to a friends house the other day & she showed me some pictures that had come with her longarm that she had purchased. The deal she got was unbelievable! Cloth, books, partially done quilts, plus the longarm! Anyway, back to the pictures. We found them in amongst the things & they were of the Tyler quilt show 20 years ago. I found a couple of pictures of a quilt that peaked my curiosity to make & as we dug further, came up with a partially done block. It was the 10-minute block that I just gave the girls to do in February! How ironic to see that the block has been around that long. Anyway, I said I could make that quilt out of my stash. So, I came home & made it!  Here it is....A Black Tie Affair!
And here's a closeup of the center ties. All the ties are black, but the center one has red in it & the surrounding ones are all textured.
This is just the top. Wait til you see it totally finished!

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