Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Well Happy New Year! I hope everyone enjoyed their ringing in the new year last night with their favorite person! I was asleep at the stroke of midnight & hubby is in Oklahoma delivering! Nothing new for us, I think we can count on one hand the amount of times we've been together on new years. That's trucking life for ya!
Today is Wednesday, which means it's Queenie's day. Good thing too, I have 2 customer quilts to get on & off her pretty quickly. Both are lap size, so won't take that long. Naomi knows I turn her quilts around pretty quick & these will be no exception!
Tomorrow is Trim Thursday. However I don't have anything to trim! But I do have a couple that need binding, so those will be done on Friday.  Guess tomorrow will be a scrappy day or a Queenie day, or both!
I'm also having a friend over today. Diana used to own her own quilt shop here locally, but closed it several years ago. Then she had a baby, who's now old enough for school, so she's getting back into quilting. It'll be fun to have someone to play with for a few hours!
Everyone take care, relax & enjoy your day! I know I will!!
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