Saturday, December 1, 2012

 Here is the latest quilt finished. This was a mystery quilt from I had no idea what the pattern was going to be til the very end. I think my color combinations came out great!
 Here's a close up of the red Friendship star. All the stars were done like this, but it really stands out on the red ones.
 I know you can't see this really well, but there's a feathered wreath in all of these blocks.
 Here's a shot of the side & border. As another longarmer pointed out, had I done a different design here, it wouldn't have near the impact this one did.
A view of the back. The quilting actually shows better on the back than the front.
I'm so pleased with how this quilt turned out!
While I was hand stitching the back of the binding, I was looking at all that quilting & really feeling proud of myself for accomplishing all of this freehand. Another thought was that a year ago I had rented time on the LQS's very simple longarm & all I could do was meander, & it wasn't even that good! Look how far I've come in just under a year!  How am I going to improve on this? Where will my talents take me in 2013? Well, I think my goal for 2013 is to put a quilt into a major show for 2014! What do you think?
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