Saturday, November 17, 2012

Here is the latest quilt to come off of Queenie. It's a twin size, simple Irish Chain quilt that was started with leftovers from a previous project.  Since I'm always looking to expand my quilting abilities, I took a new class on from the awesome Kimmy Brunner! is a fantastic medium for learning. Once you purchase one of their classes, it's viewable forever! Kimmy's class is one of the newest available on there & well worth the time & money spent for it if you want to do template work. She breaks everything down into "baby steps" so you can understand what you're doing. By the time you get to the end of the lesson, you have more than a working knowledge of how to do the lesson & some confidence to do it.
I've been following Kimmy for awhile now, & have all of her DVD's. If you are new to longarming, her beginning DVD is a MUST have! I'm self taught at just about everything quilting. After getting her beginning DVD & following her directions & suggestions, I find that my quilts are coming off the frame just as square as when I loaded them. I'm not having issues with puckers any longer, nor are some of the other issues I've had cropping up. It's amazing what a little direction can accomplish! And, it only added a few more minutes to accomplish!
This wasn't the original design I had chosen for this quilt, but operator error caused me to rip all of that out & start over. As I said, I've got all of Kimmy's DVD's, & one that I was going for was her Twirly Whirly feathers. But, tension issues abounded for some reason & I had to rip it all out, so I changed to this one instead. Glad I did, because it came out fantastic!
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