Sunday, May 24, 2015

I know, no posts in awhile, but I have been busy! Dianna, a good friend & customer has kept me busy on Queenie.  Here's the latest.  This is called "Floating Fans". It's 108"X108" or 11,664 sq inches. Just a little thing!  It's a stack & whack. I did a medallion wreath with a single rose in the center & duplicated it in the 4 corners.  Did a simple curl on the ribbon border.
This is the background fill. I have no earthly idea how many pebbles are in this!
And a corner........
The center.........
It's on it's side, it's actually running up & down the quilt.

This took me 35 hours to quilt, 4 hours of marking & 1 hour for the misc. stuff. Even Dianna's hubby is thrilled will it! So am I!

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